By: Pierre Morency

Check it Out: Ask and You Shall Receive

I went back and forth about commenting on this book here on this blog or not.  On one hand I’m almost positive it doesn’t suit this audience for the most part (you never know there may be the odd wierdo like me reading).  On the other hand I didn’t want to pretend I hadn’t read it.  I think once my business blog is up and running I’ll post the questionable book comments on that blog.

Don’t be fooled by the title – it is not a Christian book, although the author definitely has a Christian background (Catholic is my guess) and does quote quite a bit of scripture all things considered.  I’m pretty sure most Christian readers would be offended at some point or another (if not multiple points).  I completely disagree with at least a third of the book (he believes in reincarnation, etc), another portion I see from a different perspective but think the theory is sound.

Despite that I found it well worth the read. I’m doing some research on the topic at hand and learnt a lot from this book as far as that goes.  I did decide that I definitely wouldn’t recommend it as an introduction to the topic – had I read this first I would have been turned off completely.  Oh yeah, the book is such an easy read – it only took me a couple hours (over two days) to finish the whole thing.

Now on to my next book!